About Us


SOLUSI UAV PLT has obtained technology transfer from a drone manufacturer established in China and has been given the agency rights to install, sell, distribute, repair and repair all types of agricultural drones and various optional accessories in Malaysia. We are also authorized to provide training for proper drone operation, perform routine maintenance and technical support.

Our company motto is “Better Tomorrow For All”. Therefore, we aspire to increase the productivity and efficiency of the agricultural industry in Malaysia, so that crop producers can reduce costs and increase yields significantly by switching to more advanced methods of using fertilizers using drones. This will help lower crop prices and benefit the community as a whole.

We are agile, versatile, seek out and act as facilitators to produce innovators and technology manufacturers to produce and supply quality products that meet customer expectations. As facilitators, we are able to form unfair opinions about products and make critical judgments. Therefore, we are able to provide more satisfactory service and support to customers compared to the manufacturers themselves.

Our company strives to provide value for money for products, provide satisfactory support and allow customers to keep pace with technological advances. We innovate to pursue excellence. Therefore, we value customer feedback and welcome constructive suggestions for continuous improvement.