1. Autonomous Intelligent Flight
  2. Terrain Following
  3. Obstacle Avoidance
  4. Breaking point recording
  5. Automatic return To home when low voltage, no signal or the tank is empty
  6. Vertical Lift off And Landing
  7. High pressure atomized spray system
  8. Foldable joint – easy to carry
  9. Can work continuously
  10. Dustproof and waterproof
  11. Automatic dosage control


  1. High efficiency can spray 50-100 acres per day
  2. Safer operation – Prevent poisoning and heatstroke
  3. Save pesticide, fertilizer and water – High degree of atomization, the chemical fog can
    be pressed to all levels of the crop, can save more than 30% of pesticides;
  4. Easy to operate, maintain and repair
  5. Effective spraying, assisted by strong air flow generated by propeller
  6. High adaptability, not affected by hilly terrain and narrow space between crop
  7. Atomized spraying, smaller particles, easier to absorb
  8. Compact design, easier to carry
  9. Environment protection, minimize pollution to water and soil
  10. Financing facilities available
  11. 100% quality control tested before delivery
  12. Insurance coverage
  13. Even spray dosage at different flying speed


  1. Improve profit margin
  2. Increase revenue
  3. Maximise land utilization
  4. Less reliance on labour
  5. Keep up with technological advancement
  6. Elevate the skill of worker
  7. Possess competitive edge over other industry player